Make Original Music in Seconds!

No Experience Required!

Creative Power

A music composer just for you!

Cydrea Music combines two amazing powers, Procedural Generation and A.I. Composition, to let you have an infinite catalog of music at your fingertips.

Simple & Quick

Change songs with a few clicks.

Found a nice song but it’s not exactly like you want it? Easily tweak it to your liking in a couple of steps using simple tools.


Instruments, MIDI, audio and composition

Cydrea Music is your one-stop shop for music: It composes, plays the instruments, and saves your songs in MIDI or audio formats.

The music in this trailer was entirely composed and exported to audio by Cydrea Music. No edits were made before mixing.

Absolute Freedom

For Content Creators

Are you a game developer, a youtuber, a movie maker or a digital artist? Use original, copyright-free songs in your creations. No more worries about licensing restrictions!

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New Paths

For Musicians

Stuck? Short on ideas? Whether you’re an aspiring or professional musician, you can get inspiration on new rhythms and melodies. Just keep those hits coming!

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Infinite Pleasure

For Music Lovers

Explore the Cydrea Catalogue and discover unique new songs, never heard before. Build playlists for your listening pleasure or publish compilation albums. Enjoy endless discovery!

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Artists in the Cydrea Catalog!