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Installing & Running Cydrea Music

Cydrea Music is a desktop application for Windows. You can download an installer from this site and install it on your Windows computer like any other regular desktop application.

Yes. You need to be connected to the Internet while using Cydrea Music. Although most of the application's code and data is installed locally for speed, there are parts that have to be obtained from the server.

Mac OS and Linux versions of Cydrea Music are in the works and will be announced in the near future. A mobile version of the app, while technically possible, is not in our short-term plans.

The Cydrea Music Catalog

The Cydrea Music catalog brings you an almost infinite library of ready-made songs, from a multiverse called Cydrea, and presented as music albums from artists or bands, just like in the real world. This includes names, titles and cover art!

Because the catalog is procedural, the exact total number of songs is unknown. However, an approximation can be calculated. The Cydrea multiverse is split into 18 universes. The catalog included in Cydrea Music is from universe 1, and is expected to contain around (50 quadrillion) songs.

Within certain limits, yes. You will be able to search by genre, and list all albums from an artist, for instance. These features might not be available during the Early Access period.

Software Licensing & Use

Yes. There is a tier called "Bronze" that allows you to use the software for free. The free tier allows you to access a limited number of albums per day, from where you can save audio files. See the pricing page to compare tiers and features.

With the free tier (Bronze), you can try almost any premium feature of the application. When you select a premium feature for the first time, Cydrea Music will ask you if you want to enter Trial Mode. After choosing the tier you want to try, the corresponding features are unlocked, but the save and output (MIDI and audio) functions will be disabled.

No. After you pay for your license or upgrade, your copy will be immediately activated. If your new license tier allows you to access additional resources, then Cydrea Music will download the additional files the next time you log in.

Yes. You can install Cydrea Music in multiple computers, as long as only one copy is in use at any given time.

The license is perpetual. Once you purchase a license, you don't need to renew it.

Music Licensing

No. The music you create with Cydrea Music is yours to keep, for personal or commercial use. If the composition is original, you own the copyright to that music. See below for more information on copyright.

The songs in the Cydrea Music Catalog are licensed through a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license. This allows you to use, remix and adapt the songs, even commercially, in any way you want. The license states that you must credit Cydrea Music for the creation, although we don't require you to do so. It would be nice, though!

As the catalog is available in its entirety to all users, there is a chance that two or more users "discover" the same song. This is a likely scenario for those using the free (Bronze) tier. The CC BY 4.0 license is a way to allow everyone to legally use the same song, and at the same time prevent them to sue each other over copyright infringement. However, with 50 quadrillion songs in the Cydrea Music Catalog, the likelihood of two users discovering the same song is essentially zero.

It depends on how extensive was the modification. Cydrea Music will evaluate your changes and present you with the applicable license in the project page.

No. The music generated by Cydrea Music is the result of complex algorithms and large databases, and the produced songs and/or melodies are not under our control due to their procedural nature. There is a slight chance that a generated melody might resemble, in whole or in part, an already existing, copyrighted, melody. As such, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the music you obtain with Cydrea Music is in compliance with any applicable copyright laws before you release it or incorporate it in a publicly available product or service. As per the Cydrea Music EULA (End-User License Agreement), we will not be liable for any damages resulting from any legal actions made against you by any third party due to your failure to perform such copyright verification.