Cydrea Music Tutorials

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Cydrea Music In Less Than One Minute

A very short video and explanation about how you can get royalty-free songs in minutes using Cydrea Music and examples of where that music can be used.

How to Get Free Songs

See how easy it is to get a free and royalty-free song from the Cydrea Music Catalog, once the App is installed in your computer.

How Trial Mode Works

Cydrea Music let's you try all its functionality for free. Even if you don't have a paid license, you can still edit songs and save them for later until you decide to purchase a license.

Cydrea Music License Tiers

Cydrea Music licensing is split into four tiers: One free tier (Bronze) and three paid tiers (Silver, Gold and Platinum). Learn more about what each tier gives you, and how you can upgrade.

Tutorial - Home Page

Discover Cydrea Music's Home Page and learn how to read news, update your profile, upgrade your license and change application settings.

Tutorial - Songs Page

Discover more about Cydrea Music's Songs page, and learn how to browse the Catalog, get more packs, pick a song and add it to your collection.

Tutorial - Project Page

Discover Cydrea Music's Project page and learn how to load and save your song collections.

Tutorial - Structure Page

Discover Cydrea Music's Structure page and learn how to change your song's structure, move parts around, change track settings, replace instruments and add fragments.

Tutorial - Fragments Page

Discover Cydrea Music's Fragments page and learn how to edit your song's fragments, set and change variations, edit notes, and how to record live MIDI and import MIDI files.

Tutorial - Library Page

Discover Cydrea Music's Library page and learn how to use your own instruments in songs generated by the app.

How to Purchase a Cydrea Music License

See how you can purchase a Cydrea Music license, and how you can upgrade or switch between license tiers.