The Cydrea Music Catalog

An Entire Universe of Songs at Your Fingertips

What Is It?

Imagine a typical music catalog from a real-world record label. There's an artist line-up, and each artist (or band) has released one or more albums.

The Cydrea Music Catalog works much like that. It is composed of artists and bands, and their albums. Each artist has its own preferred music style.

How Big Is It?

Simply put, the Cydrea Music Catalog is huge!

Cydrea Music's creative capabilities span across several "universes". The first available universe contains the works of one quadrillion artists (that's a one followed by fifteen zeros), with an estimated fifty quadrillion songs in total.

How Was It Built?

The Cydrea Music Catalog was built through the combination of two technologies: procedural generation and A.I..

Procedural generation allows the catalog to be very large while still using moderate resources. A.I. allows the catalog to be original and diverse.

How to Navigate?

You can navigate the catalog by artist or by genre. Cydrea Music provides you the tools to search and find the music you like.

No matter how you see it, the Cydrea Catalog is like the universe: nearly infinite and virtually unknown. You will want to just sail away on a (musical) discovery trip.

Which Genres?

The Cydrea Catalog includes most of the genres you know and love. A total of 78 genres exist, but besides the more common Rock, Pop, Metal, Hip-Hop and House, many are rare and few artists can be found.

How accurate are they? Well, that's up for debate. During the Early Access phase, not much, but improving.

How Diverse Is It?

Cydrea Music relies on a very large database of music and instruments. There are millions of music fragments and thousands of instruments available.

These resources are fed into Cydrea's A.I. algorithms, that combine them with the specific rules of a given genre, to obtain an original song in seconds.