Cydrea Music Features

All the Tools You Need

Your Home

Control your life in the Cydrea community.

Get on top of the news, define how you present yourself, and choose how you want to work with Cydrea Music.

You'll also be able to easily purchase or upgrade your Cydrea Music license, right from this screen. See the Purchase Page for more information.

Songs Source

This is your multiple source for music.

Access and search the Cydrea Music Catalog. Retrieve and play any song in seconds. Adjust and modify any song to your liking, at any time.

Find all albums from the same artist or get a pack by genre.

[Under Development] Mark your favorite discoveries or share them with the community. Listen to songs discovered by others.

Project Manager

Manage your music projects here.

Organize your creations in any way you want. You can build your own album of originals, a compilation album from great songs you discovered in the Cydrea Music Catalog, or both.

Manage song-wide parameters like BPM or music licensing.

Save your songs as MIDI (compatible with any DAW), or save directly as an audio file.

Structure Editor

Quickly build, mix and edit any song.

Songs are made up of easily manageable elements like sections, tracks, models and variations.

You can manage your tracks, change instruments, and fine-tune each track's settings like expression, modulation, volume.

The session player (at the bottom) works together with the structure editor to help you move around, find and listen to any part of your song.

Fragment Editor

Check and change any fragment in your song.

Easily select by track, model and variation.

Quickly replace any fragment, or change it partially, either in its rhythm or in its melody. Furthermore, you can create variations of the fragment by applying transformations.

Use your MIDI keyboard to record live sequences, then edit them in this page.

Import MIDI fragments from your private collection or from a third-party MIDI pack.

Library Manager

Check and manage your music library from here.

Compare library tiers and upgrade according to your needs.

Use your own instrument library. Cydrea Music has support for soundfont files (SF2).