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How to Purchase or Upgrade your Cydrea Music License

You need to start your purchase from within the Cydrea Music application! Please follow these steps:

If you haven't done so, please download and install Cydrea Music on your computer. Then, why not try a few features and listen to some songs in the Songs Page? This will ensure the software is compatible with your setup.

While running the application, click the red Upgrade button in the Home Page:

You are presented with the available tiers, their features, and upgrade options:

Choose the tier that suits you best. You'll be taken to the order page:

You can purchase a time-limited or a perpetual license, according to your needs. You can also check prices in any currency, although not all currencies will be available at checkout.

If you previously purchased a license and now want to upgrade, you can follow the same procedure. Your previous license tier will be shown, and the tier prices will change accordingly when appropriate.

Make your selection and press the Buy Now! button.

Still some doubts? Watch the complete process in this video:

Upgrading time-limited licenses:

If you still have a valid license, your remaining time will be converted if necessary and added to the new purchase.

If you still have a valid time-limited license and you are purchasing a perpetual license, your remaining credit will be lost.

Upgrading perpetual licenses:

If you have a perpetual license, the price to upgrade will be just the difference between tiers.

If you have a perpetual license, you can only upgrade to another perpetual license. There is no way to purchase a time-limited license.